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General information

vIDE (which stands for Verilog IDE) is a fully featured, cross-platform, integrated environment for designing, testing and debugging Verilog applications. It aims to full OVI compliance. And, last but not least, IT'S FREE !!!

It has all you may ask from a last generation tool:

  • Project management. Any item inside your project is only one click away, thanks to the project browser: all your symbols are hierarchically grouped inside a single tree.

  • Integrated debugger. You can run step by step your sources and watch all the registers in any module. Although you can do everything with the mouse, you can still use the console, taking also advantage of the source-tracking and the watch system.

  • Waveform viewer. While others plan to do it, we already had: a nice waveform viewer in which you can throw anything with only one click (aren't you hating double clicks ?). You can also save and load the waveform data for later analysis.
If you want to get a feeling of these features, here is a sensitive screenshot of the main windows.

Technical information

Since the code is written entirely in JavaTM it is highly portable. It was developed and tested on several platforms, which include Windows, Linux and Solaris. So, pick up your favorite. After download just unpack the distribution archive and the system is ready to run.


The authors didn't had access to powerful workstations during development, so it's easy understood that you won't need such things either: a 200MHz Pentium with 32(64 is even better) MB of RAM should be enough to play with this software.

You will need a Java1.2 compatible VM in order to take full advantage of the integrated environment.

You will need also a good sense of humor, since the code is barely tested, and may crash unexpectedly (this work for Sun's Swing libraries also, so think well before putting the blame on us). Anyway, out bug page is always available (even if patches don't).

Legal stuff

All the code is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence (from which you will receive a copy with the code). Please give it a carefully read before using the code in any way.

Java is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems.

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