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Please report bugs, we really need your help!

We appreciate any suggestions or observations you may have. Also, bug reporting helps us quickly fix various problems, since testing takes a lot of time which none of as have.

Before sending us a bug report, please complete the following steps:

  • Look into the news section. The bug you encountered may be already fixed. Also, you may wish to test the latest release.
  • If the simulation gives other results than those you've expected, try to test your code with another simulator. If this time the result is correct, then our must be buggy. If you can't test it elsewhere, please send us the code that broke it (if possible).
  • Enable debugging flags and send us the console output at the crash moment
  • Make sure you're not trying to use some feature that is not implemented yet (see the news for new added features and the TODO for the (still) missing ones). If it doesn't appears anywhere, you may send us a "missing feature" message.
  • The following two are not bugs:
    1. Swing problems: there's nothing we can do (besides expecting new Swing releases :-). Don't blame us!
    2. Speed: don't expect it to run at the native code's speed. If you dare, I heard Cygnus are developing a free Java-to-native code compiler over GCC. Give it a try (and tell me about it :-).

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