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Sun Aug 6 02:48:05 EEST 2000
Editor bug fixed (thanx Al !).
Also (finally:) uploaded the src tarball.
Fri Apr 13 2000
IDE Console bug fixed.
Since I don't have the necessary time to maintain vIDE anymore, I would appreciate any offer for supporting it. Also, if you think it's worth to keep working on the project, please e-mail me.
Thu Nov 18 1999
Version 0.2b released. The major changes are:
  • IDE improvements:
    • bugfixes
    • improved stability
    • source synthax highlighting
    • project management improvements
    • the "Preferences" dialog box implemented at least (but still non-functional :(
  • Simulation engine improvements:
    • general bugfixes
    • strength support bugfixes
    • standard gates support added
    • preprocessor directives support
Fri Aug 13 02:37:37 EEST 1999
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