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vIDE is developed and maintained by a research team from "Politehnica" University of Bucharest, Romania.

The vIDE team members are:

  • Alec Panovici
  • Ghita Lucian
  • Pavel Dan
  • Raluca Ionescu


Alec Panovici

Developer of the simulation engine; if your system runs out of threading resources, he's the one you should thank for this.
He also wrote the project tree view.

Ghita Lucian

He developed the IDE and worked hard to integrate a nihilist simulation engine in a peaceful way into the IDE.

Pavel Dan

Is co-worker at the simulation engine and responsible for hacking everyone's code (including his own).

Raluca Ionescu

She created the Wavefom viewer IDE interface.

Adrian Petrescu and Decebal Popescu

The team wish to thank to these people who made all this possible by their receptivity to our ideas.

I'm the corner, if u don't mind...
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